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Are you up for the challenge of raising £97.30?

To match the distance of our Classic route, the fundraising goal per participant is £97.30. Tour de Forth has had an incredible impact so far, raising over £147,000, but we always strive to do better. With tips and ideas for your fundraising journey below, you can help us to raise even more money in 2019!

Make it simple to donate

We ask all our Tour de Forth fundraisers to set up their online giving page at https://www.everydayhero.co.uk/event/TDF2019. It’s easy to set up and the simplest way for friends and family to donate. Make sure you have yours set up today!

For the most success, take a little time to make it personal and remember to share, share and share again. It can help to share your page along with a thank you message to those who have already donated, or with an update on your progress; regular reminders don’t need to be the same ask every time.

Inspire your supporters

“I feel it is about having a bit of fun with your fundraising” TDF top fundraiser Janet says, “your friends, family and colleagues want to enjoy the experience of supporting you.”

A great way to fundraise in one go is to hold an event. Try a bake sale, a pub quiz or even – with the weather warming up – a BBQ fundraiser to put the fun into fundraising!

You can also use your cycle on the day to encourage donations. Promise to wear a costume on the bike if you hit your target, or run a sweepstake on your time. 

Make your fundraising go further

There are two easy ways to help you hit your target even quicker.

1)      Ask your employer about matched giving. Some will match any donations you receive which could double your efforts straightaway!

2)      Make sure supporters Gift Aid their donation. As long as they’re a UK taxpayer this will add 25% onto their donation. The easiest way to do this is through your Everyday Hero page.

Janet’s story

Janet has cycled the Tour de Forth a few times now and is one of our top fundraisers. Janet has shared kindly how she managed to smash her target!

I’ve done a few fundraising events in the past – from holding a dinner party where we played games, with the loser having to contribute an agreed amount to my sponsorship, to taking friends out on a cycle and chatting to them about the challenge (I always pay for the scones or bring some home-made muesli bars!).

A bake sale in the office always works well, as does running a sweepstake on your time. This really helped to motivate me around my target completion time too!

Remember why you’re doing it

Through Cash for Kids, the money raised from the Tour de Forth impacts the lives of thousands of people on a local level. This year we want to reach more children, families and communities than ever before, and with your help we can achieve that!

Here are just some examples of the impact that your fundraising can have:

·       £10 could help feed a hungry child in Edinburgh during the school holidays.

If you’d like support with your fundraising or want to learn more about the work of the charity – please get in touch using the details below:

Cash for Kids


0131 475 1332

Offline Fundraising

All cheques should be made payable to Tour de Forth and be sent to c/o Lindsays, Caledonian Exchange, 19a Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8HE. Please don’t send cash.